Open Source

Node.js logger with a built-in dashboard


Easy Setup

Just insert the Errsole code snippet at the beginning of your app's main file. That's it!

Interactive Web Dashboard

Easily view, filter, and search your app logs using the Errsole Web Dashboard.

Automated Log Collection

Errsole automatically collects all your app logs directly from the Node.js console.

Customized Logging

Errsole's custom logger provides multiple log levels, thereby enabling greater precision in logging.

Centralized Logging

Errsole consolidates all your app logs from multiple servers into one centralized database. You can choose your preferred database system.

Secure Access Control

Errsole comes with built-in authentication, ensuring that only you and your authorized development team can access the logs.

Error Notifications

Errsole delivers notifications for app crashes and custom alerts directly to your Email or Slack.

Data Retention

You can specify the number of days you wish to keep your app logs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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